What the “Left Behind” Series Got Wrong: How a One World Government is Now Possible

Back in the nineties the Left Behind Series became popular. I was afraid to say so at the time, but the very plot description sounded dull. It had been done to death–and I had sat through many of its predecessors like a good Christian girl was expected to.

I had already choked down that awful pot boiler 666 by Salem Kirban, and sat through the first of that groovy Thief in the Night Series where the cast is dressed like members of the Brady Bunch with similar dialogue. Badly written, but free from swears. (The acting is more wooden.)

I never bothered with Left Behind since it seemed to promise more of the same. But for those who have forgotten or don’t know the premise–here is how it goes.

Every Christian in the world–or child of under 12–is zapped out of their clothes. Raptured to Heaven. So at more than a third of the world’s people are gone. I read the Fred Clark summary–which contains numerous quotes from the sources–and he points out how weird everyone’s acceptance is. And how there is no real disruption to the economy or social fabric with all the children in the world suddenly vanished. https://patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist/2015/11/05/left-behind-index-the-whole-thing/

All the sudden (I guess out of desperation over the mysterious disappearances though that is not given as a reason. It would make too much sense to point out the NWO exploiting such a convenient crisis. The writers don’t do much with that.) Nicolai Carpathia–a sexy, thirty-three year old ginger from Romania since the “anti christ” is supposed to be linked to Rome somehow (why not Italy?) comes to the scene. Nicky is repeatedly described as charming and charismatic as well as handsome. But the dialogue I have read conveys neither quality.

Nicky wows the UN by reciting the names of the countries who are members. Overwhelmed by such an example of breath taking eloquence and wit all the nations in the world immediately give up their sovereignty. Including the United States.

The whole scenario is ridiculous. The lack of world building is not helped by it supposedly being set in the real world.

But here’s how a real world takeover could happen. We wouldn’t even need a charismatic figure at the center.

Forget the concept of a central monarchy ruled over by a celebrity type figure. The best means of centralized government is a thing called technocracy.

One man (I make an exception for Jesus in His glorified form) could not successfully take over the whole world and establish a universal currency to force upon everyone as a stamp. But a small group of unelected experts can. Assuming they have enough money.

Assume a severe crisis happens. Followed by many others.

And the national governments respond horribly. Not just brutally to their citizens but stupidly as well.

Many skeptics dismiss this poor response as due to ineptitude. Others–mocked as conspiracy theorists–openly speculate something more sinister is afoot. Inept as bureaucrats are, if it is all due to bungling, why are they bungling the same way? Why do they all fall together in lock step?

The majority insist that the experts advising the national government they are under (“normies” tend to be short sighted) know what they are doing. If only everyone else would follow the experts’ advice things could get back to normal and everything would be fine. Tempers flare and people lose their minds. Especially those assiduously obeying the bizarre, ever changing, self contradictory advice of the scientific experts.

Free debate is stifled. In most places assembly is restricted if not banned. Using a prolonged state of emergency as justification. Online censoring goes along with this. Worth noting only a few people control most of the social media interactions now. They are called Big Tech. They also control other things online.

The emergency measures taken cause other emergencies. Economic, social, and civil. All convenient for the technocrats and other elitists who have been calling for a one world government for decades.

After a large portion of humanity has conveniently died–sad for those who value individuals but not the collectivists including all technocrats–they officially take over.

The most convenient number would be 6,000,000,000 of us dead. But if the technocrats got nervous or impatient they might settle for fewer than 2,000,000,000 casualties. They would build a bunch of “smart cities” with surveillance apps everywhere.

Everyone willing to surrender allegiance to the global technocrat state will receive a universal basic income. Through a chip–supplemented with a tattoo etched into the skin of the hand or forehead with tiny needles–they will upload a cashless unit of the new global currency. How big the allowance is depends on how loyal and unquestioning the obedience to the New World Order.

They wouldn’t pull this off all at once. While in the process of undermining the populace’s trust in their national governments, they would establish some sort of pass system. One linked to unquestioning obedience to the government.

The chief key to pull off this global coups would be modifying human behaviors for a few years beforehand. I will write about possible ways the technocrats could easily pull this off in my next post.

What the “Left Behind” Series Got Wrong: How a One World Government is Now Possible

7 thoughts on “What the “Left Behind” Series Got Wrong: How a One World Government is Now Possible

  1. It could happen. But, then, maybe the Church has been persecuted by worldly powers for centuries. Maybe worldly powers, with some supernatural but evil guidance, have been undermining the true faith by attacks from without and subtle undermining from within, all through modern history. Maybe there have been martyrs for the faith all over the world from the first century down to the present time. And maybe Jesus still meant it when he said that the Church would prevail and that even the gates of hell cannot overcome it. J.

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    1. I agree that we shouldn’t roll over and play dead.
      If you read Revelation 13 the only thing special about the Beast’s Kingdom and persecution is the fact that it will be global–every people, language, and nation. And it will have its own currency that is cashless. Furthermore it will only last 42 months.
      Christians need to keep open eyes. Lots of weird stuff is going on. Lots of wickedness. Especially among the rich and powerful. It disturbs me how lacking in discernment the Church has become.
      Maybe “prevailing” in war over the people of God means something worse than martyrdom. Deceiving us into horrible sin. Which though not unpardonable is a form of temporary victory for Hell that our deaths (leading us to Heaven) could not give it?

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  2. john shaphat says:

    Thanks for your well-written commentary, Rachel. The real-world takeover occurred when the devil, that dragon in Eden who deceived mankind with his seductive, humanistic social gospel. Lucifer, the god of this sin-accursed world order, took Jesus to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. “All this I will give You,” he said, “if You will fall down and worship me.” Mt. 4:8.

    Lucifer’s brilliant technocratic authority and demonic AI governance over the world’s Socialistic Marxist Security System have established the UN Beast’s cashless global e-commerce. Human souls that are digitally marked with Socialism’s Security Number (ID#) are blessed to be able to buy and sell in the Global Village’s cashless digital-e-commerce. Held in the Socially-Secured soul’s hand is a bank’s smart-chipped credit card that is embedded with their SS#, and when scanned, enables them to globally purchase and sell without using cash. However, cash is about to be outlawed so that Big Brother will omnisciently know every purchase made by his Socially-Secured dependent-wards who, from womb to tomb, all fall together in delusional lockstep.

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  3. haakon Ragnskold says:

    Very good article (as always). Also quite well thought out. The Left Behind series was quite poorly written. I had read Kirban’s book. And a while back I read Weier and Wise’ Millennium book trilogy. What interested me about that one was the middle book was set in the end of Christ’s Millennial rule. I wanted to see how they would handle it and was dreadfully disappointed., very poorly imagined.

    But in their story set in the Tribulation period I was reading along and, POOF!, the Rapture happens. And I said to myself, “Now why does it not surprise me that they put in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture?” I also wasn’t surprised when they brought in a revived Roman Empire, and their antichrist figure had survived a “deadly head wound.” Seems all these books are cut from the same, poorly researched, atrociously rendered eschatology and pure Scriptural idiocy. I wonder if, when they go to a Christian publisher they’re told, “You have to have the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Oh, and deadly head wound, check. Revived Roman Empire, check. You guys are good to go.

    Those three interpretations are completely unbiblical.

    As I said, your scenario is certainly among the possible, and it is well thought out. Though according to the Bible, there would be one solitary individual who could draw things together (though it would not happen in our lifetime) and that would be the False Elijah, known in Revelation as the False Prophet. This is a false, demonic version of the Prophet spoken of in Deuteronomy 18:15—“The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken.” But that is a prophecy of Christ. So it seems that the False Prophet will be a False Christ, or antiChrist as well. A man who could literally call fire down from heaven would definitely gain the world’s attention.

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  4. 1blandina says:

    Hi Rachel!

    I only read snippets of a few of the early parts of the series. It was not until years later that someone said that in one of the last parts, some church ‘leaders’ took the mark and were ‘praised’ for doing so by ‘Jesus.’ The authors are actually linked to luciferian societies if you trace it back, as most of these things marketed to Christians have been for some time, including the pre trib rapture. I see the common denominators in so much of it and it doesn’t take nancy drew to put the clues together either. Thank you for exposing this, I get so nauseated when others around me fawn all over that series! Gag!!!!!
    : D

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