Why Worrying’s Wrong–Also Very Wasteful

DSC_7208Jesus told us not to worry because bearing today’s enough.

God’s all loving as well as omniscient.

If your kids went around grumbling about whether you’d be out of work tomorrow–unable to feed them–how would you feel? Not exactly a great Father’s Day or Mother’s Day present. If they went around telling each other how you were sure to ,let them wind up starving in the streets, some discipline might be in order.

Would your kids be able to do anything if you did decide to stop supporting them? I don’t mean surly adolescents (who could call the CPS) but small children in preschool who couldn’t read. We were called “God’s children” for a reason.

God wants to give us what we need before we ask Him.

There are parents who do abandon their small children and let them starve. This is called neglect. These parents are unusually evil though–our God is thrice Holy.

Face it, worrying is a major time sink. Not as fun as watching hour after hour of Leave It to Beaver reruns or staying up too late reading the latest frothy “Christian” romance novel. Every bit as addictive though. And probably more unhealthy–physically, spiritually and psychologically.

Most worry-warts are very neurotic. If you talk to your preacher or church counselor you may not want mind-altering drugs or endless hours of naval-gazing “therapy” as you over analyze your problems. If you can find the grace to quit worrying, you can quit the therapy and get on with living.

Let’s face it, worrying has no practical value either!









Why Worrying’s Wrong–Also Very Wasteful