God’s Tender Mercies

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Struggled to get a refill on my thyroid medicine in town yesterday. I found they couldn’t refill it till the 18th. Groan.

At 125 mg of thyroxin to supplement the sluggish gland I get pretty sick after a few days.

I whined to God last night. “Lord I know You owe me nothing and am thankful for what You have given me. But some really bad stuff has happened to me through no obvious flagrant sin I committed. It wouldn’t have happened if You hadn’t allowed it. I know I shouldn’t worry but take everything to You in prayer.

“But since You–in Your infinite wisdom–have already allowed so much to befall me I fear more bad stuff will occur. I’m sorry but I still fear the future since You may want me to suffer more for Your glorious, ultimate plan that little people like me can’t appreciate.”

I thought no more of it.

This morning I found an old bottle I had misplaced with exactly ten tablets.

Forgive me heavenly Father for doubting Your love for even me.

God’s Tender Mercies


Read the book of Jeremiah and am in Lamentations now.

It occurs to me that we are living in a similar situation. If the world itself does not end first Western Civilization will very soon.

Coming apart at the seams.

This world around us is evil. But my heart is sick as I watch how Christ’s Bride and Body–His precious Church in America has made a series of compromises with sin.

Like the churches at Corinth and Laodacea.

Most mainstream churches are only a step or two behind the world as far as decadence and corruption. No spectacular sins.

Just casual about little things like divorce and remarriage. Squabbling over preeminence on the Church Board. Neglecting those in emotional pain and ignoring the lonely.

Smug and happy in comfortable, middle class cliques.

I almost left the church due to what I saw as a preacher’s daughter. Repeatedly our churches drove my family from their midst so we lost income, friends, and home in one swoop for no good reason.

This is all too common in the Church of Christ. Our love has grown cold. We have lost His mark by which all may know we are His.

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Sodium free salt.


Happiness is not a Christian Motivation

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Nothing wrong with happiness.

Also nothing wrong money, a wonderful spouse/kids, health, and a good reputation in your community. But the Bible guarantees us none of these in this life. And happiness depends on these external things outside our control.

Working smarter or harder for more money is okay. Unless you become consumed with earning more than you need and hoarding it or take other’s money away.

The same for sex and notoriety. Happiness falls under this too.

A lot of women now use this as an argument for leaving perfectly decent husbands. “No he wasn’t abusive, adulterous, or addicted. But I got bored and need to be happy.” 

Or becoming unequally yoked.

Or bashing fellow Christians on social media to become popular with the “in” crowd.

Or winking at corrupt business practices on the job. You know they’re wrong, but you really want this promotion and it’s really not your responsibility if some customers/share holders/others are harmed. Without the career advancement you can “never” be happy.

Hmm. The early Christians knew they could die horrible deaths. Caesar Nero was a celebrity you did not want sending out tweets against you.

Being ripped apart by lions, covered with tar and set on fire, or a literal crucifixion are not conducive to health, wealth, or happiness.

Earthly happiness is not the end of a Christian life. Give it up as a life goal.


Happiness is not a Christian Motivation

Good Book Review


I confess I couldn’t make it through the first few chapters of this book. I wish Hollis well but she seems clueless as to how the lower half lives, despite her painful childhood. My own story is the reverse of hers.

Neither she nor Joel Osteen have anything to say to the chronically ill, the lonely, or the homeless (or next door to it.) But the Bible does.

Just because you’re unhappy does not mean God is displeased with you. The only Man who truly pleased God and lived a perfect life was of many sorrows and acquainted with grief. He feels your pain which He freely chose to experience Himself. All to save us from sin and death and teach us how to love before taking us to true happiness and unending bliss.

Good Book Review

The “Cult”

Almost 26 years ago I made the biggest mistake of my life.

Because I took the fast, easy solution for problems I was facing I lost everything. My friends, family, reputation, hopes of any career, everything was shattered.

A clever con artist took advantage of my ignorance and no one at church knew enough to help me. I got sucked into an abusive, cult-like group. Surprisingly mainstream churches love this group and will encourage members to join it, even if it means they can no longer attend services at it.

This group compels ritualistic use of mind altering drugs among its members. It reminds members repeatedly how subhuman they are, how hopeless change is, and how no one but its members could tolerate them. Dating anyone outside the Group is strongly discouraged though not forbidden. Marriage is always punished by cutting the food supply you depend on the Group for. So is trying to find a job–even if you can work on enough drugs to render most people unconscious.

Most mainstream Christians don’t realize the reason its members have poor hygiene or can’t hold down jobs, and have poor social skills comes from this drug abuse. It’s easier to discourage the abuse victims from coming to church.

They don’t have the required spouse, kids, and paycheck so few miss them. They seek emotional support from the cult instead.

A lot of it’s ignorance. The cult has hoodwinked almost every church I know. Liberal as well as conservative. Its materialistic philosophy runs counter to the tenets of Christianity. But because there is so little discernment left in Western churches and the cult cleverly passes for something other than religion church goers remain blissfully unaware.

And it hasn’t negatively affected them yet. Some of the group leaders tithe from their generous incomes.

I escaped this group and relocated. Too sick to work after years of damage from the drugs. Thank the Lord my elderly parents took me in during my withdrawals but my health is shattered.

I live in fear someone in my new community and church will find out about my past associations with this group. The group is great at gas lighting former members and will tell lies about them to turn everyone–even former friends and family members against you.

Because this cult has an undeservedly good reputation of benevolent humanitarians in America and other English speaking countries, few can believe it harms people. They present a great facade and most of those within are unaware they’re being destroyed.

Lord how long will this go on? Defender of the defenseless please save us! No one else knows. Or cares.


I cannot give details for fear my shame will leak out. Some may read between the lines. My hope is these vague, ambiguous terms and analogies will keep the undiscerning from learning just enough but not enough, because they can’t believe wealthy, well groomed, respectable people could be capable of hurting others.

Neither mercy nor justice in this cult. Though it pretends to be one or the other or both as it suits them. Members hold key roles in the government urging for the denial of due process for the law abiding–including children. No one in either party opposes this.

The “Cult”

They Don’t Write Articles Like This Anymore

Judging from the formal tone of this piece it was written a while back.

The Homemakers Companion was a print magazine, but there are some old articles to be found online.

This is really good. Because it addresses a painful subject for many, but refrains from pat answers, shallow platitudes, false hopes, and condemnation of those who suffer it is balm to my soul.

It offers Biblical answers and realistic appraisals of a real life problem that puts the bloggers at Boundless and other sites to shame.



They Don’t Write Articles Like This Anymore