A Love Song to Hillsong


I wish to show my gratitude for what the Hillsong conglomerate has done for contemporary worship. The deep, meaningful lyrics combined with distinctive music  in all the songs they grind out as a labor–purely of love not lucre–inspired me to write this.


Love Ya Hillsong


Love ya Hillsong. You write music good.
Love ya Hillsong. You write music good.
Love ya Hillsong. You write music good.
Love ya Hillsong. You write music good.
Love ya Hillsong. You write music good.
Love ya Hillsong. You write music good.
Love ya Hillsong. You write music good.
Love ya Hillsong. You write music good.

A lengthy period for the super awesome guitar solo. If your ears aren’t already bleeding this will take  care of that.

Love ya Hillsong. You write music good.
Love ya Hillsong. You write music good.
Love ya Hillsong. You write music good.

Perhaps you don’t like this song. Tough. I didn’t write it for your enjoyment but to honor Hillsong.

I’m sure any lyricist or composer working in Hillsong assembly line must be highly honored if they read these words. Since this kind of song is what they consider good enough for Jesus….





A Love Song to Hillsong

Pills for Love


“Steve” attended a church where my dad preached when I was in my early teens. His appearance was unusual. Dark bushy hair and full, wild beard in the eighties  when that wasn’t the fashion. His grooming was not great, and he was pale with wild eyes. His voice sounded high, nasal and slightly whiny most of the time.

Every now and then he  became hopeful to the point of becoming extremely excited and irrational. During these times he became convinced God had divinely appointed him to become President of the USA–but if he failed the whole world would go to Hell. And he–Steve–would be to blame.

Steve had been diagnosed with bipolar. Out of concern for Steve’s welfare Dad contacted his psychiatrist. (With Steve’s permission.”) According to the soul-doctor, all Steve had to do was take his pills exactly as prescribed. If he did that, stuff like being unemployed, deserted by his wife, and shunned by humanity would quit bothering him. And, more importantly, he would quit bothering us.

Dad was perhaps the only person there who saw Steve as a suffering human being. Everyone else treated him like something they scraped off their shoe bottom.

Psychiatry may have not helped Steve feel better, but it helped the rest of us immensely. It’s okay to treat “crazies” like pieces of garbage as long as we keep yelling at them to shut up and take their pills. If they bug us too much, get them locked up.

They have mental illnesses instead of feelings or thoughts after all. Why do they go to church when they really don’t have souls–just defective brains and mental illnesses? The yuppies at my church did a great job freezing Steve out I can tell you.

Though the pills addled his thinking–they really are about rendering patients docile rather than restoring cognitive abilities–Steve could still tell everyone wanted him gone. Soon enough he left.

Jesus came to our door looking for love and friendship. We told him to take his medicines and leave us alone. “If you want to talk to someone, talk to a professional. We aren’t ‘equipped’ to deal with people like you.”

“If you did it not for the least of these, you did it not for Me.”

Weep for shame American Christians!


Pills for Love

The Gift


The angel hovered over the women’s dorm of the Christian University. He materialized in the recreation room where nearly all the girls had gathered that Friday night to indulge in hot fudge sundaes and binge watch Hallmark movies. His shining whiteness made it obvious he wasn’t a boy overstaying his curfew. No one called the RD.

The angel gave the usual, “Fear not.” It was always necessary. He held aloft a little white box neatly tied with a blue ribbon and bow. “I have a gift for one of you.”

Their awe turned to dread at these words. Pulling back as one, they shrank from the Gift with loathing. Being forewarned in chapel, none of them wanted this dubious mark of favor.

“Is Sue Schroeder here?” asked the angel.

A collective sigh of relief swept over all girls who were not Sue. When she did not come forward to receive it, two girls dragged her out of the corner where she vainly tried to hide.

Pale as a corpse beneath the remains of carefully applied makeup Sue came forward trembling. “Here favored one. A gift from the Most High God.”

Sue took the box gingerly as though it were an anthrax package.

Could it be that Horror that no sane girl wanted? Sue tore the ribbon off and opened the box. The white box was empty.

Sue gnashed her teeth and tore her hair. Shaking her fist at the ceiling she shrieked, “Why do You hate me, God?” With a violent shriek this daughter of Jephthah collapsed unconscious upon the floor.

The others recoiled in horror leaving Sue to recover on her own. They feared lest her blessing rub off on them. A brief foretaste of the Hell on Earth before her.

“Glad I got my ring by spring,” one smug blonde whispered.

Luckless Sue had been given the Gift of Celibacy.


In honor of Dr. Al Mohler and his insightful views of this marvelous gift. He never has stated how the privileged few are supposed to know they have received it, so I cooked up this scenario.

The Gift

Why I Quit Dating After 40? Don’t Want to be a Discount Hooker


After I turned forty I quit dating. Not against dating. In the old days it used to help people–my grandparents and parents–decide to get married.

Nowadays it’s just a form of discount prostitution. When a godly woman refuses to play the whore,  guys get upset. They may call themselves Christians, we may meet them on Christian dating sites but they don’t act the part.

Some women pretend they’re happy to be used like hookers when they’re too old for marriage. I would rather spend every evening alone till I die than get involved with the cruel, soul-devouring hook up culture.

Nowadays, especially after 30, we women get told how worthless and used up we are. We have “no value” men say–aging Don Juans who are far from the gorgeous studs they delude themselves into seeing in the mirror. Doddering, diseased Cassanovas who demand virgins less than half their age should they weary of acting like tom cats and decide to settle down.

I comfort myself that God sees my insides. I’m not the ugly one. These would-be seducers are. They’re ruining their own value by treating fellow humans like disposable napkins to throw in a landfill after using them.

Not very loving or Christian, boys! (They may be bald and wrinkled, but mentally they are stuck at age 14.)

No more online dating sites. Statistics show they are time wasters for women over a certain age. Sadly that’s the only way I can find dates. Bachelors marry or leave church by age 23 it seems. And all the men my age I know–unmarried and desiring dates–are unrepentant womanizers. They deny that a woman my age could be pure. Like they know anything about purity in themselves or the women they have always preferred to date.

The Bible refers to men like this as whore mongers. The male counterparts to whores. They really should be willing to settle for “used up” women tired of the carousel since they are the perfect match for them–used up men tired of the carousel. That would be a marriage of true minds.

I have always wanted a single (unmarried) Christian man of upright character. Income and looks were very flexible. Good luck finding that now! The only decent Christian men my age are married or Catholic priests. Also a few contented male celibates who act like priests–I assume at least one or two of my readers are. Glad men are faithful to their wives or single life beneath God.

I never wanted to spend my life in aching loneliness. But playing the whore never filled the void in a woman’s heart. I’ll take the convent any day.

It’s strange how easy even at my age it is to find artful seducers looking for a one-night stand. Attractive men of 30 or so. A lot of godly single friends of mine see this too. No marriage proposals but plenty of hook up lines.

Flattering as it is to be treated like a discount prostitute, it’s an honor I’ll forego, thank you very much. Thanks to the suffragettes we don’t have to prostitute ourselves or starve when no decent man marries us. Plenty of honorable ways to earn our daily bread now.

Afraid Don Juan will have to shell out more than the price of a McDonalds Happy Meal if he wants a “Lovely Lady” for one night. I don’t have to settle for this debasing treatment and I won’t.









Why I Quit Dating After 40? Don’t Want to be a Discount Hooker

The Problem with Purity Pledges


Let me make it clear; I am all for purity. There is no Biblical alternative.

Either monogamy in a God sanctioned marriage or celibacy.  (Neither option is easy. Both require hard work and self denial.)

Purity culture is a bizarre, cult-like movement. But for now I will only focus on the pledges.

These pledges existed outside the “Purity Culture.” True Love Waits was all the rage when I was a teen in the 80’s. Some guys even signed these pledges.

Sadly few had the tenacity to follow through till they married. Even those who married young.

Ironically I never signed the pledge. “True Love” never showed. It probably never will. My vigil must endure till eternity meets the present.

I wish I had been able to marry. Sometimes I grieve the lost opportunity of motherhood. But if I can’t be a matron at least I can be a maid.

It has been worth the fight. Rejecting promiscuity–there were always men available for one night stands, but no marriage proposals–has helped me maintain a healthy respect for men as well as the body God has loaned me. I am not my own, but bought with a price.

I am not opposed to the Pledge exactly. The problem I see is not only is it not working but for a Christian it is redundant.

A 17 year old Christian shouldn’t have to take a pledge to keep his body pure. What he needs to do is remember the pledge he made 10 years ago when he came forward and offered himself to Jesus. That was a Purity Pledge. He gave himself body and soul to Jesus when he took him as his LORD and Master. Being saved is not fire insurance!

Even as a kid of 15 or 16 I remember shaking my head, though I never expressed my doubts. Throughout history we have been called to suffer loss of property, character assassination, imprisonment, and being ripped apart by lions. Is “not scoring” till after you marry really that big a sacrifice when you consider what Jesus did for you?

The Problem with Purity Pledges

Life’s Not Fair. Christians Need to Remember This.


I know self pity is a sin. But which is worse? Someone crying in agony and saying they wished they were dead? Or some smug, self-righteous neighbor who doesn’t know the sting of poverty, sickness, or loneliness chiding the “naughty” person on his ash heap.

“Only sinners suffer. You must have had it coming. It would never happen to a Super Saint like me.

“Don’t be bitter. If you feel downhearted and discouraged just remember discouragement is a sin.” That will really cheer your gloomy friend up.

“As a man sows so he reaps.” Like this passage there are some Christian social movements that started out as really good ideas but went bad by degenerating into the idea that we can force God into giving us goodies by virtuous living.

I’m all for righteous living. But as an end in itself. Not a means to some “blessing.” It’s like the “name it and claim it” nonsense, only it tends to hurt more people. When you do the Right Thing and wind up worse off than many who don’t, your Christian friends condemn or sometimes shun you.

Here are some movements that went sour when they promised goodies for clean living.

  1. True Love Waits. I am all for young people practicing self control. God created sex for married people to be fruitful like Adam and Eve and provide an emotional bond as well as innocent enjoyment. Married sex is innocent and undefiled according to the Bible. The problem with True Love Waits in the 80’s (when I was a kid) is that it made promises it could not deliver on. If Josh McDowell and others had just said, “Flee fornication and youthful lusts because God says so.” I would still commend this movement. Instead they made promises they could not deliver on. “Wait until you are married and God will send you Someone Perfect and you’ll experience mind blowing sex on your honeymoon and continue to do so till you die!” I doubt even my married friends experienced this. For women like me who “failed” to land a Christian husband but have undergone repeated temptations from ungodly men there were times I felt forsaken by God and found my Christian community no more helpful than the secular one. I have accepted my “gift” as I would anything painful or unpleasant God wills. Like Paul’s thorn in the flesh I have prayed repeatedly for Him to remove it. After 24 years the answer is No. At least I finally have closure. And I don’t need BS about how your great-aunt married at 84 “for the very first time!” Just let me finish the grieving process. Even now at 44 I doubt there’s any point to marrying for several reasons. Marry at 84? Why?
  2. The Puritan Work Ethic. Originally Martin Luther’s idea this has been around since the Reformation. Even many Catholics like the idea and have lauded the idea of glorifying God in manual labor before Luther came along. The concept that there are no Common Jobs and we can all do our work as unto the Lord regardless of our calling or status is a wonderful idea we can support with Scripture. Unfortunately we wound up tying the idea of work with livelihood or money. In New Testament times many Christians were slaves. How much money per hours do slaves make? If you said $0 you’re correct. Even now women choose to forego careers to bring up their children. I applaud this notion and think it’s preferable if financially possible. Housewives often work long hours. Guess how much they earn? No, I’m not saying marriage is slavery for women. But there is a disconnect between the work done and the livelihood for both classes of people. There are also retirees and disabled folks who can’t earn a living,  but volunteer up to 20 hours a week or become prayer warriors or care for grandchildren. Doesn’t this work count for anything? Drug dealers, hit men, bank robbers, and porn merchants earn large sums. But they can’t be said to be doing it “unto the LORD.”  The church needs to stop despising the poor and assuming they’re all lazy.
  3. Christian weight loss clubs. Thin for Him and others. Taking care of your health is good. Spending every waking moment trying to look like Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, or  the latest flavor of the month pop icon isn’t. Even if you don’t get sick from poor nutrition or working out more than four hours a day, you’re wasting valuable time on fleeting things and ignoring the eternal. Good grooming is different from vanity though there is a gray area. I admit I don’t spend enough time grooming because beauty is impossible for me. According to our culture women like me are hopelessly ugly. I lost 40 pounds and am striving to lose 80 more. Even then I will weigh 230 pounds–beauty is beyond me. Lack of groceries helps somewhat–though the food I can afford is fattening.  We can work 60 hour weeks–if we have jobs–and still not have Bill Gates’ income. We need to realize we can count calories and work out every spare moment and still not have Taylor Swift’s waistline.

Life’s not fair.  We Christians need to accept this and show more love to those it runs over.

Life’s Not Fair. Christians Need to Remember This.

Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome


Do you have Stockholm Syndrome as a Christian?

Stockholm Syndrome is a social phenomena in which a prisoner develops an overwhelming emotional attachment and loyalty for the captor. Sometimes they will even fall in love with him. Like the millionaire’s daughter Patty Hearst these feelings remain even after they are set free and are no longer physical hostages.

Satan is holding our whole world hostage. Because God is loving and merciful, his enemy is counting on his compassion for humanity to buy him time.

We Christians are no longer hostages like the world around us though. God has already paid our ransom. And it cost Him dearly.

To buy back our souls God sent His only begotten Son Whom He loved to pour out His blood. The blood of Christ Jesus doesn’t just set us free from the consequences of sin–not worrying about Hell when we die–but sin itself.

Because of Christ’s redemptive work on the Cross we are no longer slaves to sin. The Son has freed us so we are free indeed.

Yes, we stumble. Old habits die hard. But while perfection is imperfect this side of Eternity we shall find ourselves growing closer to moral perfection. Daily dying to the calls of the devil, his world, and our own frail flesh we find holiness easier and easier.

So when Satan plays mind games telling you “you can’t help yourself,” call him out on his lies.

Say, “At one time I couldn’t help myself. But that self is dead. I am free now and no longer am a citizen of this world so its prince can’t boss me around anymore.”

Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome