This Blog Needs to Be More Like Its Name


I noticed my blog has been very negative lately. Some negativity is good because there is a lot of negative stuff in this world. Without God there is no meaning. Without His Son we’re even worse off though. Without the Cross there is no hope since a just God has no choice but to send us to Hell forever for all the nasty stuff we have done, keep doing, and–without His intervention–will continue to do since we can’t stop sinning on our own.

If I were an atheist I would be an utter Nihilist–probably suicidal as well. Yet I am full of hope. Why?

There is no political solution for us. Democrats and Republicans are corrupt because both parties are run by human beings.

There is no  economic solution for us. Communism won’t work–because it requires tireless, self sacrifice of individuals for the common good of others with no hope for personal gain. Those most in favor of this system tend to be lazy, selfish people who only look out for themselves. Capitalism has a better track record, but selfishness  and greed are rotting it from within–so even the checks and balances built into it have gone haywire with all the bribery not just of government officials but media as well.

The nuclear family is not the solution. Marriages keep falling apart, abuse frequently occurs. Among Evangelicals the husband tends to be the abuser. Among secular couples the wife frequently is. Neither is acceptable. There is a reason young folks are reluctant to marry choosing less permanent, unchaste options. There is a reason they are leaving the family friendly churches behind. Not all the cool, hip praise choruses and worship teams can draw them back.

Education is not the solution. Carl Sagan thought education was the answer for what plagues humanity since it can teach us to curb our baser instincts. Sagan left one factor out of the equation. Educational systems are run by human beings–corrupt and fallible.

Ditto for science. Scientists know more than the rest of us, but their superior knowledge helps them twist facts to inflate their own reputations or support agendas that have nothing to do with science. Scientists and educators have to be smart with advanced degrees but goodness is not a job requirement for either occupation. Goodness includes truthfulness.

Do you know where this blog got its name? From Ecclesiastes. Throughout this short book, King Solomon or the Teacher looks around at things “under the sun.” Despite his wealth, fantastic sex life, achievements–in literature, music, scientific discoveries, architecture, and creating economic prosperity for his kingdom, and great health, the Teacher still finds no satisfaction till he is old and realizes happiness does NOT come from within. Or anywhere under the sun. Only over the sun can we find joy or peace. Hope, faith, or love.

When we look up we can hope….

LORD God please save us! We cannot save ourselves.



This Blog Needs to Be More Like Its Name

4 thoughts on “This Blog Needs to Be More Like Its Name

  1. Nothing in life is ever promised – it is to be endured, survived, overcome, by all who have gained it. Since the god nonsense is completely without fact or foundation, we are left with our human predicaments, for which suicide is never an answer.
    You’re right about how bad social institutions are, but each of us can find ways to live our individual lives with some (illusory) degree of purpose and comity. Good luck.


    1. It’s hard to explain how I’m sure there is a God. He has proven Himself to me in numerous ways–“coincidental” answers to prayers. No genuine miracles. Though I believe they can still happen. I cannot scientifically prove God’s existence since He doesn’t fit into a test tube. Nor does the Big Bang. Neither it nor the creationist belief in Creation Ex Nihilo can be replicated in a lab.

      My belief in God is a hypothesis. More than a “Leap of Faith” but nothing that can be proven through the 5 senses.

      Yet after carefully examining the evidence I choose to believe in God as He reveals Himself through the Holy Bible. (According to Christian belief.)

      Let’s assume that you are right–that we create degrees of purpose and community in our lives–illusory as you admit. If we realize they are illusions they aren’t illusory enough.

      When pharmaceutical companies test drugs to help depression they talk about the “placebo effect.” But while this works–if the patient realizes it’s just a piece of colored gelatin–the effect is ruined.

      My “illusion” of God is more powerful than any illusion in communities of human beings (left to ourselves) or purposes generated by foolish, corrupt human beings. Ironically it saves me from misanthropy. Yes people are bad, weak, fools. Yet God loved us enough to send His Son to die for us. However angry or disappointed I get at humanity I can continue to love them for His sake, even the sinner who bugs me most. Myself.

      My “illusion” continues to fool me and makes me a better person. So–nothing personal–but my “illusory god” is working better than the illusion you are following.

      I wish you well in your search. May you find your heart’s desire.


      1. You do fairly well in your response, but there is nothing about your religious “belief” that makes you a “better person.” Religious people do all sort of vile, contemptible actions because of the pull of the baseless suppositions about male divine omnipotence, or whatever bizarre contrivances have come down the believer pike.
        And, no, the illusions I am gifted with as a human being are working quite well, and I will continue to make do with them. Thanks for the good words – keep trying, but don’t worry for atheists – they enjoy the cognitive satisfaction of seeing the light.

        Finally, there wouldn’t be a Big Bang hypothesis without test tubes -of course it fits in there, right along with any replicable physical interaction. “God,” on the other hand… not so much.


  2. As far as my being a better person than you or anyone else I cannot say. I was merely referring to natural Rachel versus redeemed Rachel. that’s all I have to go on. I don’t know you. Certainly not as well as myself. I can only read my own mind–and do a poor job at that without help.

    Would you like to post a link to an article or video of scientists recreating the Big Bang in a lab to form another universe? I find the idea intriguing. Why haven’t they publicized this fact more widely?


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